Welcome to LMMI (Living Manna Ministries Int’l) a world of Transformation, Empowerment and Destiny fulfillment. We believe that God has a plan and purpose for your life and that is why you are here on earth now. We believe that you are on a divine mission in the world and when you accomplish it that you are a success.  We believe that life is about destiny fulfillment and making it back to God. We believe that success is destiny fulfillment not material acquisition and prosperity is having more than enough resources to fulfill your divine assignment on earth.

 We believe that God has called and sent us to help you fulfill that purpose and make you a success and a celebrity in this world and the world to come.  God has put His word in our mouth to make you what He has designed you to be in the world.

We are assigned by God to help you get your assignment done on earth.  We are appointed to help you to your place of divine appointment in life. We are called to help you fulfill your calling. We’re empowered by God to get you empowered. We’re authorized by heaven to get you certified for his blessings and riches in Christ Jesus. We’re approved by God to get you His approval. So we are in God’s business of making you His dream and purpose.  Our dream is to make your dreams come true.



Living Manna Church (LMC) is a body of dynamic believers who have their names written in the Book of Life and filled with Holy Ghost. It is a church committed to destiny fulfillment of her members and reaching the whole world with the Good News of the Kingdom of God

In LMC, we are committed in making a sinner a saint, poor rich, a weakling a giant, a nobody a somebody, a nonentity a celebrity and a liability an asset. God told me that you have a destiny and personality. He has mandated, equipped and empowered me to empower and help you to fulfill His plan and purpose for your life, and to make heaven in prosperity not in poverty, in good health not in sickness, in dignity not in shame and in purity not in sin.  How? God said to me: make them by My Word and so we are in God’s business of making men by His word.

We praise, worship, pray and get fed with fresh living manna from heaven. Join us in our services and let God mould you into His dream for your life. We are waiting to receive you in our next service.



  • To fill the whole world with His presence via the message of the cross
  • To save as many souls as possible
  • To help every man achieve the plan and purpose of God for their lives on earth
  • To make God’s people Winning, Healthy, Prosperous, Wealthy and enviable people of God
  • To make God’s people fire-brand and dynamic disciples of Christ as it were in the book of Acts
  • To help God’s people to realize their potential and use their talents to serve the kingdom of God
  • To present God’s people to the Father as holy and blameless
  • To deliver people from all oppressions of the devil



Building lives, Making kings and taking territories



To fill the earth with His Word and Presence through all available means by bringing the Message of the Cross to every man, family and nation on earth and making them ready for the coming King.



  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and born of a holy virgin
  • We believe that He was crucified, died, buried, resurrected, glorified and exalted to the Right Hand of God.
  • We believe that salvation in Jesus Christ is God’s requirement to enter into heaven.
  • We believe in Water Baptism
  • We believe in Holy Ghost Baptism
  • We believe in Speaking in Tongues
  • We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  • We believe in New heaven and New earth
  • We believe in Rapture of the saints and Second coming of Jesus Christ
  • We believe in Holy Communion
  • We believe in the Day of Judgment
  • We believe that without faith it is impossible to please God
  • We believe that Holy Bible is the Word of God
  • We believe that every man is on divine mission on earth.
  • We believe that every man is born a sinner and needs to be born of the Spirit to enter the kingdom of God.
  • We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to the Scripture
  • We believe that healings and miracles did not stop with the apostles of the Lord but are for us today.
  • We believe that world evangelization is highest priority of the church today.



Dr. Glory A. Adeola and his wife, Shelay, are founders of  Living Manna Ministries Int’l, a  ministry dedicated to passionately presenting the timeless truth of God’s word through innovative messages. Born to a Muslim family, encountered Christ personally in 1991, ordained a pastor in 1997, held his first open air crusade in 1998, published his first book in 2000 and started full time ministry in 2007. In addition to being a preacher and a teacher, Pastor Adeola is an author of books such as Overcoming the Power of Sin, commanding the Earth to Bring Forth, Living and working with angels, Prayers to destroy the Spiritual Archers, etc. He is also the founder and president of Living Manna Bible College, a bible college that is committed in raising dynamic and fire-brand men and women of God. His marriage is blessed with children.